COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

COVID-19 vaccines are available. You can schedule your appointment to get your vaccine here. Filling out this form should take about 15 minutes, and the information you enter will be kept private with the State of New Jersey. Click below to get started.

Everyone 6 months and older is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in New Jersey and encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The number of bivalent (updated) doses varies by age, vaccine product, previous COVID-19 vaccines received, and the presence of moderate or severe immune compromise.

Bivalent (updated) mRNA vaccines

  • Children ages 6 months - 4 years are recommended to receive 2 (Moderna) or 3 (Pfizer) bivalent (updated) vaccine doses.
  • Children aged 5 years are recommended to receive 1 (Pfizer) or 2 (Moderna) bivalent (updated) vaccine doses.
  • Children ages 6 months - 5 years who previously completed their primary series with only monovalent (original) vaccine are recommended to receive 1 bivalent (updated) vaccine dose.
  • Individuals ages 6 years and older who are unvaccinated or previously received only monovalent (original) vaccine doses are recommended to receive 1 bivalent (updated) vaccine dose.
  • Adults ages 65 years and older or people who are immunocompromised may receive an additional bivalent (updated) vaccine dose.

Individuals can book their COVID-19 appointments here on the NJVSS website or use the NJ COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Finder to get an appointment at locations throughout New Jersey at Many sites also accommodate individuals who walk-in without booking appointments. The New Jersey Vaccine Call Center is available to assist individuals seeking COVID-19 appointments and can be reached at 1-855-568-0545.

  • Ages 6 months – 4 years
  • or
  • Age 5 getting a Moderna 2 dose vaccine
  • or
  • Ages 5 and older getting their first COVID-19 vaccine dose

  • Register and Schedule for Dose 1/2/3
  • Ages 6 months – 4 years who completed COVID 19 primary series but never received the updated vaccine
  • or
  • Ages 5 years and older that received 1 or more COVID-19 vaccines but never received the updated vaccine
  • Register and Schedule for Booster